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Last Updated On: 28/01/2021

A Simple, user-friendly form based Excel Tool to enter the invoices one by one and generate the IRN Numbers.


28/01/2021 :

  • The limitation of 10 Items per invoice has been increased to 20 Items
  • Similarly, 20 invoices can be kept pending for IRN generation.
  • Reverse charge is enabled for B2B and SEZ supplies.
  • "Import Data" option has been incorporated.
  • Improvements in print of e-Invoice.

05/01/2021 :

  • Improvements in validations w.r.t Cess & Product Master
User Manual

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Bulk IRN Generation

Updates: 07/12/2020

1) IRN requests with Document Date from 01/10/2020 only will be accepted and processed for IRN generation. IRN requests belonging to previous dates will be rejected.

2) Item Serial no. can be only numeric.

3) "Reverse Charges" can be set as "Y" in case of B2B and SEZ invoices also.

4) In case of Reverse charge and Export transactions (EXPWP), Total value of Item should match either with tax values or without tax values. That is, thetotal value of item can include or exclude the tax values as per the business requirements.

Updates: 01/12/2020

1) Port Code is made optional.

Updates: 13/10/2020

1) Igst Amount can be 0 if the calculated Igst Amount is 0.

2) Minimum length of Addr1 in seller, buyer, dispatch and ship-to has been set to 1.


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